Patrol Division

The Haines Borough Police Department

The Haines Borough Police Department investigates crimes and responds to emergencies. We partner with the Alaska State Troopers, Alaska State Parks and the US Customs and Border Patrol to serve and protect the people of Haines.



Our officers attend over 15 weeks of rigorous academy training, then complete another three months of field training once on the job in Haines before they begin patrol shifts on their own.  After completing a year of successful police work, they are eligible to receive a basic police officer certificate from the Alaska Police Standards Council.  The Haines Borough continues to invest in our officers, providing training on topics including interview and interrogation techniques, firearms instruction, domestic violence / sexual assault, methods of instruction, evidence handling and preservation, DWI investigations, drug enforcement and community oriented policing techniques.  



Our authorized team consists of the Chief of Police, Sergeant and two Patrol Officers.  In many of the larger police departments, officers become specialized and assigned to a division; traffic, major crimes, fraud, etc.  One of the things that keeps our officers enamored with this work is the fact that they get to do it all.  From the first response to the complaint, through the investigation, interviews, collection and analysis of evidence, report writing and into the prosecution of the charges, our officers remain involved in each case.  They work closely with the district attorney and often appear in court to testify in arraignments and trials.  They also participate in speaking engagements at the school, in public meetings and interact with members of the community to develop strategies that help the department prevent crime, not just react to it.  Our officers also patrol the townsite service area and respond to vehicle accidents, emergency medical calls, incidents involving wildlife and other calls for service.


Our Team

At the helm of the Haines Police Department is Chief Heath Scott. He previously served as Deputy Chief of Police for the DC Protective Services Police Department. He has served in Arizona as a deputy sheriff and police officer and holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. 

Sergeant Joshua Dryden joined our team in March of 2014 as a patrol officer.  He has over eight years of experience as a police officer and has an extensive background in traffic enforcement, DUI investigations, interviewing techniques and firearms training.  Most of Officer Dryden's work experience has been in his home state of Virginia, but he has also worked in Alabama, Kosovo, and the Marshall Islands.  

Officers Chris Brown and Brayton Long round out the team.

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Chief Bob Griffiths
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