Historic Dalton Trail Road Maintenance Service Area

HBC 7.08.050

The board of directors for the Historic Dalton Trail road maintenance service area is composed of not less than two and no more than five members, appointed by the assembly and designated as follows:

a. One director representing Sub-zone 1;  

b. One director representing Sub-zone 2;

c. One director representing Sub-zone 3;  

d. One director representing Sub-zone 4;  and

e. One director-at-large.

Each term shall be for three years, but the first members shall draw lots for one, two, and three year terms as necessary to accomplish staggered terms.

Name Position Term Expires Address Phone Email
Mary Cummins Director, Sub-zone 2 11/2016 P.O. Box 1215 303-0948 jmcummins@hughes.net
Robert Venables Director-at-Large 11/2016 HC 60 Box 2657 767-5700 venables@aptalaska.net
Vacant Director, Sub-zone 4 11/2018      
Leonard Banaszak Director, Sub-zone 1 11/2017 HC 60 Box 2631 767-5757 lenban@aptalaska.net
Vacant Director, Sub-zone 3 11/2018