Battery Point Trail


Battery Point Trail
864 Beach Rd
Haines, AK 99827
United States

Battery Point Trail


A gentle hike for people of all ages

How do I find the trailhead?

The Battery Point trailhead is located
roughly two miles from the Post Office at
the end of Beach Road. Parking is available,
but limited.

How challenging is the trail?

The trail meadners gently through the rain
forest for about 1.2 miles emerging onto a
grassy, rocky beach. Kelgaya Point is to the
right followed by Battery Point just beyond
Kelgaya Bay. Depending on your fitness and
pace, plan at least 45 minutes each way.

What about bears?

•Typically, bears are not interested in
humans. However, it’s important to be aware
of your environment and to know how to
behave if you do encounter a bear.
•Avoid signs of bears, like foot prints, animal
carcasses and bear scat.
•Stay alert.
•Make noise, sing, let the bears know you’re
on the trail.
•Don’t hike alone.
•Never approach or feed a bear.
•If you come upon a bear, don’t run or make
sudden movements. Stay calm and slowly
back away when the bear is calm.
•If charged by a black bear, aggressively
chase it away.
•If charged by a brown bear, curl into a
ball and protect your neck and stomach. If
attack is prolonged, fight back.

What about moose?

Although moose may appear harmless,
they are huge animals and can cause severe
injuries if you tangle with one. Moose
require “personal space” and can become
agitated when encroached upon. The best
advice if you encounter an aggressive moose
is to get away as fast as possible, preferably
uphill behind a tree is best.

Are dogs allowed?

Absolutely. But keep your dog on a leash.

Is camping allowed?

Tent camping is allowed in our state
recreation areas. Park services recommend:
Do not eat where you sleep. Camp out of
sight of the trail. Pack out all garbage in bags
that minimize odors. Check with the Haines
Fire Department to learn burning status.
Campfires need to be built above high tide
and completely put out before leaving site.
Remember, take only pictures, leave only

Hike Haines

•Rain gear
•Extra warm
•Bear spray
•Fire starter/matches
•First Aid Kit
•Sunglasses                                                                                                                             •Leave a trip plan
•Plan for the weather
•Travel with a twoway
•Cell phones are often


•Don’t eat where you sleep.
•Camp out of sight of the trail.
•Pack out all garbage in bags that minimize
•Check the Haines Fire Department to learn
fire burning status.
•Campfires need to be built above high tide
and completely put out before leaving site.


Devil’s Club is a large leafed
plant with stickery spines

Cow Parsnip or wild celery
causes painful reactions with
contact and worsened by sun

Baneberry that are white, or
red should not be eaten because
they are poisonous and deadly.

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