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In July 2021 the Haines Borough applied for and received a $20,000,000 RAISE (Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity program) Grant from the Department of Transportation.  This project is one of only 3 projects in Alaska to receive this funding.  The full Lutak Dock RAISE grant application is available in the links below. The Haines Borough, on March 7, 2022, issued an RFQ for a team of qualified firms to assist the Borough in taking the current Lutak Dock conceptual designs through the 35/65/95% design, permitting, and construction process.  A Progressive Design-Build project delivery method was chosen. More information about Progressive Design-Build is available in the links below. The RFQ and RFPs for the process are also attached.

Lutak Dock is a critical link in Haines’ transportation infrastructure and an integral part of the supply chains that service the Haines Borough, Southeast Alaska, the Interior, and the Yukon. Virtually all fuel and consumer goods for Haines come over Lutak Dock, and it serves as a key node in the Alaska Marine Highway System. This deep water port is a year-round, sheltered harbor with excellent road connectivity and the potential to develop spacious upland storage that could support the maritime services industry, bulk cargo handling, and transshipment of ore, timber, biomass/wood chips, and rock/gravel.

Originally constructed in 1953 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Lutak Dock has recently experienced substantial local failures, causing a portion of the dock to be unusable. The remaining dock area is expected to fail or be condemned as unsafe within a decade. A 2014 structural
assessment prepared by PND Engineers, Inc. concluded “the structure has reached the end of its credible 60-year service life” and “is effectively on borrowed time.”

The links below have more detailed information about the history of Lutak Dock as well as information about the Roll on Roll off Facility.

Status Updates

2-13-24 Lutak Dock replacement cost analysis, may be found here.

The Haines Borough's 1-10-24 response to MARAD, click here.

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