Assembly Committee Assignments - Updated 10-30-23

Following is a brief description of the function of each committee. Mayor Tom Morphet is ex-officio on all committees. A printable version of the assignments is attached to this webpage.

For individual assembly member contact information, click HERE.

Finance Committee:  Natalie Dawson (Chair), Kevin Forster and Craig Loomis.
The finance committee reviews the municipal financial status, including budget-to-actual; reviews, develops and monitors investment policies; reviews tax policies; acts as a resource for the development of the manager’s annual budget; and reviews budget-related ordinances prior to consideration by the Assembly.
Commerce Committee:  Debra Schnabel (Chair), Craig Loomis and Ben Aultman-Moore

The commerce committee reviews and recommends legislative and policy matters pertaining to ports and harbors, tourism, economic strategies, land and resource, and planning and zoning.  This committee maintains a working relationship with empowered and advisory boards, the Haines Chamber of Commerce and the Haines Economic Development Corporation.

Government Affairs & Services Committee: Kevin Forster (Chair), Gabe Thomas and Debra Schnabel

The government affairs & services committee reviews and recommends matters to the Assembly relating to legislative procedural and structural matters; recommends on transitional issues and issues impacted by the Borough Charter; reviews and recommends on the development of proposed government services and functions; recommends to the Assembly on ethical issues involving legislative members; reviews and recommends legislative and policy matters relating to government program serve and facilities.  This committee maintains working relationships with empowered and advisory boards, including the School Board.

Personnel Committee: Gabe Thomas (Chair), Natalie Dawson, Ben Aultman-Moore and Borough Manager

The personnel committee reviews legislative and policy matters pertaining to personnel; considers and recommends the Borough's organizational structure, including the creation and dissolution of employment positions. The committee may advise on employment issues subject to negotiation with Public Employees Union 71.  In addition to the Borough Manager, a member of the Personnel Committee shall service on the Borough Administration's collective bargaining team.  As provided by code, this committee shall participate in hearing employee grievances.

Advisory Board Liaisons:
  • Chilkat Center Advisory Board (CCAB)- Ben Aultman-Moore
  • Code Review Commission (CRC)- Kevin Forster
  • Library Advisory Board (LAB) - Ben Aultman-Moore
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC)- Debra Schnabel
  • Planning Commission (PC)- Craig Loomis
  • Port & Harbor Advisory Committee (PHAC) - Gabe Thomas
  • Public Safety Commission (PSC) - Debra Schnabel
  • Tourism Advisory Board  (TAB)- Natalie Dawson
  • Commercial Fishing Advisory Board (CFAB)- Gabe Thomas
  • Eagle Preserve Advisory Council (EPAC) - Gabe Thomas
  • Waterfront Aesthetics Committee - Natalie Dawson