Public Facilities

CAT 160

We aim to provide excellent service to the citizens and visitors of Haines Borough.  Our services include planning, designing, building, and maintaining streets, roads, parks, trails, cemetery, trash collection, potable water facilities, sanitary sewer collection systems, wastewater treatment facilities, docks and harbors, storm water collection and disposal, E911 system, radios, and structures.  We also provide preventive maintenance and repairs for our vehicles, including heavy construction equipment, fire trucks, police cars, and administration cars.  In addition, we support many annual community celebrations, parades, and  festivals with traffic control, garbage collection, tent camping sites, and portable restrooms.

We administer state, federal grants, construction, and maintenance contracts. We currently keep an active list of over 85 projects, valued at more than $127 million, of various sizes and all stages of completion, including our six-year CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) plan.

Haines Borough is unique. It covers more than 2,700 square miles, more than the state of Delaware. At the 2020 census, there were 2,392 residents, with approximately 1,700 living in the town site of Haines. Haines averages 54 inches of rain and 262 inches of snowfall annually.

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Public Facilities Director
Haines Borough