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** The Haines pool will be closed February 19th for Presidents' day**




Haines Borough Swimming Pool

Mission Statement


The Mission of the Haines Borough Swimming Pool is to enhance the quality of life in the Haines community by offering a variety of aquatic recreational opportunities.  Our goal is to see that every child in the community has the opportunity to access aquatic recreation.  Of equal importance, the pool facility should be a place in which our patrons experience satisfaction, the goal of the staff is to promote an environment in which individual patrons can exercise, relax, and learn to be safe in the water.



The Pool, Lobby, and Plant room are community spaces for all users!  Interested in knitting, doing yoga, meditating, or creating with a small group of folks?  The plant room can provide a great space for you to do these things.  The plants would love the company!  Call our staff to find out what times would work best!





     The Pool was built in 1980 and is connected to the Haines Borough School. The entrance leads to a maze of ramps that will lead you to the lobby!  Enjoy viewing the pool from the viewing/plant area.  Check in at the front desk by typing in your name (if you have a pass) on the IPAD.  Confirm your swim by pressing the green button!  This will show you how many passes you have left.  If you are new or are a guest, type in "Guest" and punch in.  You can pay for your swim before or after, depending on front desk attendant status. 


    Lockers are available for the season or to just use during your swim.  Once used, please leave open for cleaning.  Please use a lock or a "signifier" to let other patrons know it is being used.  Lockers are free.  If you are 12 and under, please check in with staff regarding locker availability for the season.  

Swim Gear

   Goggles, towels, swim gear, and toys are on deck for you to enjoy.  Thank you for placing in "used gear" bucket for rinsing after use.


       There are two private showers in the women's locker room and open showers in both. Turning on the shower before you change, will allow for the water to heat up before you shower off dirt, oils, fecal matter and debris.  Showering off keeps our water clear and clean!  


   Our 25 yard pool has 6 lanes available during Lap Swim and 2-4 during Recreational/Lap Swim times. Goggles, fins, towels, and gear are located on deck for you.       


        Beautiful cedar sauna built by our Friends of the pool. A shower is located outside the sauna for you to rinse off chemicals before and sweat after, before entering the pool.  Sweat it out and rinse it off! 


         The community pool is a great space to hold a birthday party or simply a gathering of friends. 

          For $75 you get the pool for an hour, with 15 minutes prior and 30 minutes after in the lobby if needed.  Thanks for cleaning up afterwards! 

          For $100, you can add our inflatable features into the mix.  We have a jungle gym, slide, and balance beam that include platforms.








The Haines pool is hosting a summer swim program for the month of July. Please contact the pool manager to sign up for the preschool aquatics or Learn to swim Levels 1 & 2. other classes have unlimited space and welcome everyone.