Mount Riley Trail


Mount Riley Trail
1700 Mudbay Road
Haines, AK 99827
United States

Mount Riley Trail


View the Lynn Canal, Taiya Inlet and Chilkat River
from 1760 feet.
How do I find the trailhead?

There are three trailheads for this hike.
1. The most direct route is from 3-mile Mud Bay Road south of town.
A sign for parking is on the water side of the road with the trailhead
across the road.
2. The second route begins at the Haines water supply access road off
FAA Road which leads to Lily Lake. This is a nice 45-minute hike.
Access to the Mount Riley trail branches to the right a bit before
reaching the lake and connects with the main trail.
3. You can also access Mount Riley from the Battery Point trail.
About a mile along the trail, a sign directs you to the right. You will
do a steep climb through thick undergrowth and tall spruce forest
then less steeply through muskeg meadows. You’ll join the trail from
Mud Bay Road in an open muskeg meadow below the summit.

How challenging is the trail?

From Mud Bay Road and Lily Lake, the trail wanders up the mountain using
switchbacks for a moderate-level hike and is about 2.8 miles to the summit. Most
people allow 2.5 hours one way. The approach from Battery Point is a 4-mile hike
with some steeper sections; plan 5 hours round trip. Some people like to park at one
trailhead and end at another.

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