Water and Sewer

Lily Lake

Haines Borough Public Drinking Water System (PDWS) consists of three sources:

Lily Lake: a surface water source. 48% of total water production.

Piedad Springs: a groundwater source under the direct influence of surface water (GWUDI) 50% of total water production.

Crystal Cathedral Well-Field: a groundwater source. 2% of total water production.

Water is treated then stored in 5 tanks and distributed to the system’s 7 pressure zones. It is estimated that about 80 percent of the occupied homes in the Townsite are served by the Haines PWS. Annual water production was 111 Million gallons in 2023. The drinking water distribution system consist of 24.3 miles of water mains, over 700 service connections and 270 Fire Hydrants. Haines PDWS provided over 1 million gallons of drinking water to bulk water haulers and cruise ships in 2023.  


Haines Wastewater Collection System and Treatment Plant consist of the following:

267 Sewer manholes, 17.5 miles of sewer mains, 6 wastewater pump stations and a Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Haines WWTP is located on Fair Drive, off Haines Highway near the Southeast Alaska Fairgrounds. The plant provides primary treatment and has a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for the discharge of effluent to Portage Cove. The WWTP uses two steps to physically remove contaminants from the wastewater stream.


These include:

Screening & Grit Removal:, Rotating screens removes large debris, such as food waste, paper towels and any other material larger than 0.0082 inches. A cylindrical chamber uses centrifugal force to remove sand, silt and other inorganic material

Primary Clarification: A large, cylindrical tank slows the flow of the wastewater, allowing smaller suspended material time to settle and to be pumped out over to the sludge digestion zone of the annular space outside of the clarifier. Floatable material, such as grease and foam, are skimmed from the top of the water column as well.

Sludge is produced from the primary clarifier and is pumped to the aerobic digesters then pumped to a belt filter press periodically. Solids are hauled to the landfill for composting or disposal. The plant typically produces approximately 132,000 pounds dewatered sludge per year.

120 million gallons of wastewater was treated at the WWTP in 2023.

The Haines Borough Water and Wastewater Utility has 3 full time ADEC Certified Operators who maintain/operate the system 24/7, 365 days/year.  HB Public Works helps with system repairs, maintenance and installations as needed.