Haines Borough Manager- Annette Kreitzer

Annette Kreitzer

Our goal at the Haines Borough is to engage with our neighbors, visitors and friends on a professional level with integrity and caring.  The Haines Borough Charter directs us to maintain a well-documented public record so that the citizens of Haines may stay informed and able to affect public policy.  We are fortunate to have dedicated employees, many with valuable institutional knowledge.  We all stand ready to assist, inform and serve our Community.

Contact Information

Office: 907-766-6404

Email: akreitzer [at] haines.ak.us

About Haines

On behalf of our nearly 2,500 citizens of the borough and the Assembly, welcome to the Haines Borough website. Whether you are looking for information related to Borough services, upcoming meetings/events, economic development, or tourism information, the Borough staff is ready and willing to assist in any way we can.

Everywhere you go in Haines, you will be immersed in the rich history of its past dating back to its founding in 1910.  Yet, citizens and visitors alike are offered countless opportunities to add new and exciting chapters to the history books of this authentic Alaskan community.  By visiting this site, you will be able to clearly see why Haines is a city that people want to call home.  And those who do call it home have found that it is a place where people get to know their neighbors and passersby are greeted with a friendly wave or smile.   Whether you are looking for beautiful scenery, countless recreational activities, a diverse cultural environment, a great school district, economic development opportunities, a vibrant downtown, historic venues, or arts and entertainment, Haines offers this and so much more.  As our community tagline states, “The Adventure Capital of Alaska”, we host thousands of visitors who participate in numerous events and festivals including the Great Alaska Craft-beer and Homebrew Festival, Kluane to Chilkat International Bike Relay, the Southeast Alaska State Fair, and the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival to name a few.  No matter if you are a resident or just visiting, we are confident that Haines will greatly exceed your expectations.  Our history and friendly citizens are sure to leave a lasting impression upon you.

Our borough is located in the northern part of the Alaska Panhandle, near Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. The Borough extends over a total area of 2,726 square miles, of which 2,319 square miles is land and 407 square miles (14.9%) is water. Moderate seasons, partly cloudy skies, and moderate precipitation characterize climatic conditions.  Average yearly rainfall is 58.9 inches with an average of 121.7 inches of snowfall.  Wind averages 8 mph with gusts rarely reaching 50 mph. 


​Manager Form of Government

The Haines Borough operates under the manager form of government.  The borough manager is appointed by the assembly to be the chief administrative officer serving at their pleasure.  The manager is also the chief personnel officer  and appoints all heads of borough departments not administered by boards, except for borough officers.  The manager is responsible to the assembly for the overall conduct of the administrative functions of the borough.  The manager may direct  municipal officers and department heads in accordance with policies and procedures adopted by the assembly.  The manager is responsible for additional duties and powers prescribed by the Haines Borough Charter and the Haines Borough Code.

Duties & Responsibilities

The manager works closely with the mayor, borough assembly, borough officers, department heads, committees, commissions, and the public.  The position is responsible for carrying out the administration of the borough government and duties as directed by the borough assembly.  The borough manager...

  • Appoints, suspends, or removes borough employees and administrative officials, except as provided otherwise in AS 29 and AS 14.14.060;
  • Supervises the enforcement of borough law and carries out the policies and directives of the assembly;
  • Prepares and submits an annual budget and capital improvement program for consideration by the assembly, and executes the budget and capital improvement program adopted;
  • Makes monthly financial reports and other reports on borough finances and operations as required by the assembly;
  • Exercises custody over all real and personal property of the borough;
  • Performs other duties required by law or by the assembly;
  • Serves as personnel officer, unless the assembly authorizes the manager to appoint a personnel officer; and
  • Provides for employee evaluations.