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** NOTICE: Passport Services in the Haines Borough are suspended until after the first of the year 2023 since we are so short staffed. We regret the inconvenience.  If this is an EMERGENCY- contact 766-6400 and we will see if we can accommodate you.  Thank you for your understanding and happy holidays!**

The Haines Borough Administration is a passport application acceptance facility.

All first time applicants, passports for those who are under the age of 16, or those who had their last passport issued before they were 16 must apply in person. Normally both parents must accompany their child to the passport appointment.

Passports are currently taking 7-10 weeks to process for normal service.  Expedited service is available to help process your passport faster for an additional fee, and the estimated process time is 6-8 weeks.  If you are traveling sooner than 4-6 weeks, we are happy to give you the phone numbers to make an in-person appointment at a regional processing center (Seattle).

The Haines Borough has also compiled a check list to help those who are applying for their passports get ready for their appointments which have been attached (below). Please make sure you are using the current version of the passport application form (DS-11 04-2022).

PASSPORT PHOTOS- Contact Radio Shack @ 766-2337 or if you have a smart phone, there is free app you can download to help you take a passport photo.  Then you can print your photo at Caroline's Closet for a nominal fee.  For information on Passport Photos, please see the following link:

Other important information can be found at  Travel.State.Gov website: 

Other Forms (renewals, lost and stolen passports, etc.) and more information are available at the following official federal website:

Children Under 16: How to Apply for your Child’s Passport?

All children under age 16 must apply for a passport in person with two parents or guardians using Form DS-11. You cannot renew your child's passport. Passports for children under age 16 are only valid for 5 years.

For other passport forms- go to and use their application wizard.

Adults may be able to renew their passports by mail:…


Include the fees in the form of a personal check or money order. Passport books are $130 (adult) or $100 (child) and Passport Cards are $30 (adult) or $15 (child). There will also be an application fee to the Haines Borough of $35.00 for the appointment.

To apply for a passport, appointments are required.  Please schedule an appointment by calling Alekka Fullerton or Donna Lambert at 766-6400 .  Appointments are generally accepted Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 3:30pm.  Exceptions can occasionally be arranged.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.