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Political Signs in the Haines Borough...

Political Signs do not require a Haines Borough sign permit for placement, but they must meet the following standards found in the borough code (reference HBC 18.90.050-070). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Portable signs are prohibited on public property such as streets, sidewalks, alleys and other public property
  • Unlighted political signs of up to 24 square feet each may be displayed on private property.
  • Signs may be installed no sooner than sixty (60) days prior to the election date and shall be removed within seven (7) working days after the election date.
  • Signs must be placed in a manner that achieves the purpose without creating a hazard to vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Projecting signs. No part of a projecting sign is allowed to stick out within three (3) feet of a street curb or traveled way. If hung under a canopy, marquee or awning, a projecting sign is not allowed to have less than seven (7) feet clearance between the bottom of the sign and the sidewalk. Projecting signs are not allowed to extend above a building roof peak or eave.
  • Signs must be located so that they do not obscure traffic or sight angles at intersections or driveways, or in any location prohibited by state regulation.
  • Signs are not allowed to be located within the required building setback.

Note: the residential setbacks are 20 feet from the road and 10 feet from the side.  Although any political sign placed within the setback would technically be a violation of borough code, it has never been the practice of the borough (or former city) to enforce that for political or real estate signs.  It is one of those sections of code that should be addressed and possibly rewritten; obviously, placement of political signs more than 20 feet from the roadway would defeat the purpose by making it harder for the voters to see. The borough’s overriding concern is that political signs not in any case constitute a vehicle or pedestrian hazard or be in violation of any state law---such as electioneering. 

Additionally, the state has campaign signage regulations (see below).

Please review any signs made for a campaign and their placement and be sure that they meet the borough and state standards.

Alaska Laws re. Political Campaign Signs

State of Alaska laws regarding political advertising are Illustrated below in two sections of Alaska Statutes pertaining to sign posting and/or advertising in the right-of-way of Alaska’s highways:

  • Campaign signs placed within and along the state’s road and highway rights-of-way are unauthorized encroachments under AS 19.25.200 – 19.25.250 and may be removed by DOT&PF crews without notification. Vehicles parked in rights-of-way that are used to display political advertisements are also prohibited and subject to removal.
  • AS 19.25.105(a) states, “Outdoor advertising may not be erected or maintained within 660 feet of the nearest edge of the right-of-way and visible from the main-traveled way of the interstate, primary, or secondary highways in this state" except a few specific exceptions (not related to political signs).  

A list of State roads and highways in our region that are affected by rights of way laws are available online at: http://dot.alaska.gov/comm/assets/Ak-State-Rd_SR.pdf

You can also get more information about state rights of way here: http://www.dot.state.ak.us/stwddes/dcsrow/pop_rowbrochure.shtml

Thank you for your cooperation with these borough and state sign requirements.